elixerThat phrase “Art, the elixir of life”, is of great value to me. Growing up surrounded with my parents artwork, made me appreciate its importance as a mind-alternating mechanism. In comparison, its like meditation, reading, gardening or prayer to many.  The process of art and the contemplation of art has similar affects for me. When performing the art of creativity, I am lost in concentration.

The meditative state provides the focus and mind-control to guide my eyes and my hands towards the end product.  Classic music works for me to enhance the experience and benefit the convergence of body, soul, ideas, techniques, process and materials.

An exlixir is an old term for medicine peddled by hard-selling traveling salesmen. It was an alcohol laced liquid or special family recipe that lightened the load of life, at least for a short time. Today, in our high-tech, fast-paced world, the high-touch side is presented through body and mind relaxation methods. Visually loosing oneself in a piece of art or being part of a creative process can offer similar benefits. Go in peace. Keep your eyes open for beauty.