Atomic, so what am I thinking???

In my last post, I described the time period, a couple of key locations and the general aesthetic of my vision for the set of Atomic.  I also discussed that we would be placing the seating on both sides of a playing area that runs down the middle of the room. I think that with this seating concept for the show, we will out the band against the opposite wall.  I should have about 17' between the

Getting my head wrapped around Atomic

This time of the year is always the craziest for me.  Shows fall back-to-back-to-back and I don't get much of a break in between.  American Idiot still has one more weekend in the run before we strike it on Sunday. Hedwig and the Angry Inch opens in about a week at Stray Dog Theatre. And I already have to start New Line's third show of the season, Atomic.  Rehearsals begin on April 4 and the set

American Idiot…only part two

Boy, I lied last time when I said that I would have another post in a couple of days.  Here we are, past load in and I am only writing my second post. In my last post, I talked about the set concept as it related to our three heroes.  This time, I want to talk about the actual set itself and why we've done what we have.  American Idiot does have a plot woven through it, but its identity lies in

OK, so I’m a little behind…

The title says it all, at least about my blogging.  I know that I have been remiss in documenting my process this time.  The truth is, I have really struggled with what to say about my process for American Idiot. Scott and I laid out the basic staging months ago, while Heathers was still on stage.  The original staging for American Idiot makes a ton of sense.  After the opening few minutes of

The big unveiling…

So, no progress pics today. Two years ago today, I was VERY nervous. Night of the Living Dead was about to open, my first show with New Line. I wanted it to be just right. When all was said and done, the attention to detail paid off and the show was a success.  Today I feel the same way but not about the show. The show is pretty much ready. I have a few touch-ups to do sometime tomorrow

Load in time…

It is that magical crunch time for me called load-in week.  Kate, Melanie and I have spent the past couple of evenings getting the locker units built and detailed.  Today Sharon is painting them.  Of course, it is a MAJOR scramble this week as we get the last of things ready for installation on Saturday. The cool thing this time is that, as we have gotten things completed and mostly painted, we