OK, so I lied.... I decided to have one last pre-load in update.

Since my last post, Kate and I finished a few final built pieces, Kathleen and Kee came by Wednesday and we base painted all of the rest with black.  Then Thursday, Gary and Sharon got all of the finish painting done on them while I spent my afternoon giving Scott and Judy Newmark a tour of the Marcelle. I got the better deal in that one!

This photo is a pile of of the fake beams and columns for the stable.

Standing in the foreground are 3 "timbers" that will be single steps up on to platforms.
Stacked together are panels with wood and foam appliques. The front ones are skirts for the 3' tall platform by the jail, behind that are the two upper gable ends for the stable and for Peachum's shop.

A mound of furniture and platform legs.  Black masking flats to the right and in the foreground are 3 foam beams for the attic above the jail...

Laying across the sawhorses are the "posts" for the beams in the jail attic, the platform facing for the stable and the lamp post for the stage right gas light in the vom.

Finally, the skirting for the gallows platform laying on its side.  Already loaded into the trailer are all of the beams, posts and infill pieces for Peachum's shop.

I think that we got everything made now except for two smaller, but important pieces.  There is a short bridge that spans between the top of the jail and the top of Peachum's shop. It is the only way to get up there and up to the gallows, so it is kind of important.  The other is a non-structural arch that spans between the top of the stable and the gallows and forms the up stage right cast entryway.  These are important elements, so why did I procrastinate on making them?

Well, there is one small but enduring lesson that I have learned by pre-building and installing probably 30 sets over the years.  For most of my 100+ sets, I have had the good fortune of building to fit and things almost always work because I make the parts on site.  When you fabricate in the shop, even working from some of the most detailed drawings, some things just don't go together they way that you expect. OR, there turns out to be some piece of the facility that is in the way, so you have to adjust.

Everytime I do a set that is built off site and loaded in, there are pieces that can be site adjusted to accommodate those unexpected conditions.  For 3PO, the adjustable pieces are these two archways.  The plan is to get the three platform areas installed and braced on Saturday.  Then I will take measurements and make the pieces on Sunday morning in the shop.  Neither piece is very large and both will easily fit in my car with the back seat folded down.  (I HATE USING MY VOLVO AS A FREAKIN' TRUCK, but it is what I have and I love it...)

Now, I am sure that most normal people have normal fun Friday evenings planned.  Well, I'm anything but normal.  Last Friday, I had a whole collection of people here doing many different tasks.  I provided beer and pizza and we made it a set party.  Tonight, I am by myself.  I have a few platform legs to make yet for the shorter platforms.  I could have someone do that on site tomorrow during installation, but if I have the time, I might as well get them done.  I also have all of the parts now for the gas light practicals for the set.  So, tonight is going to be assembling those and getting them flickering.

Tomorrow morning at 8AM, Gary, Kathleen, Kee, and Patrick are meeting me at the shop.  We will load my trailer and Larry's trailer with as much as we can realistically tie down and be on our way toward the theater by 8:30.... Hopefully, we have a good crowd of cast and friends waiting for us.

There is a lot to do tomorrow!!!  R