The value of a sketch determines the future.Sketch

From an early age I was taught by my parents, both artists, that a small sketch or doodle, begins a process of thought and imagination. The connection between seeing and manipulating the pen or pencil by hand provides a touch of magic leading to many creative ideas. My folks referred to the small drawing as a “thumbnail sketch” which typically is a few inches in size.  The question of “What do I draw?” or “Where do I start?” may be a challenge for young and old. But the value of the first mark on a page turns into the second and then the next and next, allowing the mind and hand to develop a path towards simple line concluding with the potential of brilliance. 

The ability to create thumbnail drawings has served me well in architecture and art. It allows me to compose, manipulate and freestyle draw notions and ideas for a project. Fine-tuning from one sketch after another until a spark of direction presents itself and leads to readiness for a larger scale study. The simple series of lines allows quick change and evolution from a collection of thought and possibilities.BW Art Sktech

Creativity plays a part that comes from awareness. I found during my education in architecture that study, travel, experiences, details, pieces of many historic and existing elements of architecture, and of course, books and more books, served as the foundation for a library of the mind. This record or catalog of all my mind could hold for ready recall led to the ability to create. It stimulates concepts for new projects in architecture and in art. We all gather information. It’s the constant state of use of our senses when operating in the environment.  Grasping incidentals, details and small nuances is key to building a mind full of opportunities and solutions.Color Art Sketch

I contend that a simple line, the first stroke on a page, is the beginning of a project, a piece of art, a story, a piece of music and most anything in the path of creativity. Sketches can determine the future. The future is just a stroke away. Final Art from Sketch